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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use ISCON services?
ISCON has in combination over 80 years experience in the industrial world and all personnel are leads in their respective fields. We are professionals at what we do and that is all that should be allowed to deal with today’s challenging industrial demands.

How do I know what I send will be repaired/calibrated properly?
ISCON performs a test checkout on ALL equipment that we calibrate/repair prior to sending it back to our customers. ISCON uses only OEM replacement parts unless otherwise directed by YOU, the customer. If a calibration is the order, ISCON provides a completed calibration sheet with a list of test equipment used on every calibration. If a repair is the order, ISCON performs a complete breakdown analysis of YOUR equipment to get an accurate look at the problem. ALL tested and working before it leaves our shop.

What do I do if the repair is DEAD ON ARRIVAL?
ISCON will test ALL equipment prior to it leaving the shop. We greatly reduce the chances of a “DEAD ON ARRIVAL” by doing this. The only way a DOA can occur is through a shipping mishap. ISCON will stand behind ALL of our work and will assure that YOUR equipment will be sent out working and ready to install. If, in the unlikely event that a DOA does take place, simply return it to us for an evaluation and if the fault is ours, ISCON will repair that device free of charge.

What kind of time frame does ISCON offer on repaired items?
ISCON can work with you on this. We have performed OVERNIGHT turnarounds for emergency repairs as well as reasonable turnarounds for daily repairs. This depends on YOUR needs and demands.

Will ISCON keep parts on hand for our company so repairs will be faster?
Yes….ISCON is currently doing this for several customers that use our services. This arrangement can be established based off of the amount of work and time frame that are needed for YOUR needs.

Does ISCON have a machinist on hand?
Yes….ISCON has one of the finalist machinists in the Augusta area. Phillip has worked and been exposed to some of the most demanding challenges in the industrial field. ISCON can perform machine work in our shop on our full size Bridgeport milling machine or our 26” gap bed lathe. We also have an 18” rotary table for precision rotary needs. We can perform separate machine work orders that do not involve repairs.

Does ISCON have a welder on hand?
Yes….ISCON has this field covered as well. It is necessary on some repairs to have some welding performed and we do not have to send your equipment out for this need. ISCON has it available right in our shop. By having all the fields “in house” for YOUR repairs, a better level of quality and turnaround times can be offered.

Can ISCON provide my electrical control needs?
Yes….ISCON is a proven electrical panel builder. ISCON can design, layout and wire all of your panel needs. ISCON has completed projects as small as an Operator Station and as large as a PLC/DCS cabinet. ISCON also offers instrumentation control panels for YOUR facility.

For more information, you may call us at: 706.793.6603 or 706.830.6982, or email us at: Info@ISCONUSA.Com


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