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ISCON would be happy to give an estimate for any of your machine shop and metal fabrication needs. We do complete design, layout and fabrication. Material selection will be of your choice and we will meet your design criteria needs.


  • Design, layout, and cut spare parts or unusual parts for your process needs, from your drawings or from an existing part
  • Modify existing parts or material
  • Full size Bridgeport J-Head milling machine
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  • Design, layout and turn shafts, bushings, plates, bearing housings, etc...
  • Modify existing parts or material
  • Heavy duty 26 inch Gap Bed lathe
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Hydraulic Press:

  • Using the power of hydraulics for a smoother, safer removal and installation
  • 25 ton capacity on site


  • Machine guards, frames, equipment stands and brackets
  • Welding for stick, mig and tig

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For more information, you may call us at: 706.793.6603 or 706.830.6982, or email us at: Info@ISCONUSA.Com

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