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We would be happy to give an estimate for any of the following. We do complete design, layout, and fabrication of elements inside the panel. Unless specified for electrical panels to be fabricated from scratch, pre-made electrical panels from a reputable vendor will be sized and used for installation of elements.

Control Panels, Pushbutton Stations & Indicator Stations:

  • Design and layout Operator Control / Indicator Panels
  • Install pushbutton and indicator lights as specified
  • Install any terminal strips necessary for control connections
  • Wire and confirm operation of devices and have ready for field wiring terninations
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Electrical Panels, PLC Cabinets, Junction Panels:

  • Layout and install PLC processors, racks and power supplies
  • Install terminal blocks with necessary tracking
  • Install fuse holders for I/O, if specified
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Instrumentation Panels:

  • Install critical process control equipment inside panels, i.e., sensitive P/P's, solenoids for central operation transmitters
  • Install the appropriate signal wiring to terminal strips of your choice for DCS wiring connection
  • Make ALL air signal and control connections with your choice of hard tubing or poly-flo tubing
  • Install all PLC wiring via terminal strips for main PLC connections
  • Install wiring trays for touting
  • Controllers dealing with pneumatic or electronic field devices

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For more information, you may call us at: 706.793.6603 or 706.830.6982, or email us at: Info@ISCONUSA.Com

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