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We would be happy to give an estimate for any of your instrument needs. We do complete teardowns, repair/rebuild and calibrate to “LIKE NEW” condition. All items are tested and set up to your requirements prior to return shipment.

Instrument Repair / Rebuild / Calibrated:

  • Complete tear downs
  • Replacement of all soft goods
  • Replacement of damaged / worn parts
  • Calibration / setup to your specifications
  • Transmitters for ALL types of disciplines, i.e., pressure, temperature, level, consistency, flow, distance, weight
  • Converters such as I/P, P/I, I/I, E/I, etc.
  • Recorders with charts, total electronic, memory modules
  • Positioners of pneumatic and electronic types
  • Controllers dealing with pneumatic or electronic field devices

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Instrument Loop Design:

  • Research the recommended instrumentation for your process requirements
  • Create loop sheets for loop designs
  • Perform walk downs on existing loops and create loop sheets, update P&ID's

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We can design for any control loop that your process needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the specifying of the necessary instrumentation, ranges, etc. We can also provide proven, reliable expert project leadership for installation of your instrumentation needs.

For more information, you may call us at: 706.793.6603 or 706.830.6982, or email us at: Info@ISCONUSA.Com

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